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Circuit & Devices Lab,

Linear Integrated Circuits lab,

Analog and Digital Circuit Lab,

Circuit &simulation integrated lab, VLSI Design lab, Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Digital Laboratory, Communication system Lab, Electronics circuit laboratory.

 Dual Regulated power supply (0-30)V 5 NIL
variable Regulated power supply (0-30)V 20
Dual tracking output power supply 220v AC 10 No’s
Function Generator (0-3)MHZ 5
Arbitrary function generator (0-5)MHZ 8 No’s
CRO (0-30)MHZ 5
Digital storage oscilloscope (0-50)MHZ 20 No’s
Personal computer   15
Digital IC Trainer kit   20 Nos.
Digital IC tester   2 Nos.
Digital LCR meter   2 Nos.
Decade inductance box   10 Nos.
All communication trainer kits   13 No’s
Circuits lab trainer kit   4 No.s
Meters   105 No.s

Microprocessor and

Microcontroller Lab

Microprocessor   15 Nos. NIL
Microcontroller   10 Nos.
Hardware Interface   3 Nos.

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